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. betting against a company where the most important product it has is being taken out of service because of the danger to humans and the buyers of your product are furious at you, because are you costing them millions of dollars a day? how about if your wagering that a stock is going to get crushed and you wake up to find the biggest product recall in history, mandated by the most important safety agency on earth? would you bet against that stock is a short sell? you think stock would be down 5%, 10%, 20%, maybe cut in half? pretty realistic, right? how about if the stock is bowing and it actually rallied on the faa ban today? almost a dollar for heaven's sake. the faa news turns out to be a buying opportunity. what would you say if you were short this tire and it rallied 10% during the hideous separate of bad news about its jumbo dreamliner and the stock only couple points off the 52-week high? you know what you would say? you would throw up your hands and scream i give up. go buy the boeing back if it isn't going to fall in the horrendous parade of bad news, what the heck will bring th
, please. are you ashamed of them? yes. i bet you could put them into words for your confessor. i tried to do the right thing. you ran away. i'd have ruined your life. my life? our lives. [ phone rings ] hello? father mac. yes, straight away. yes. i have to go. thank you for last night. what do i owe you? forget it. thank you. your friend paid up front. your boss rang here. yeah, i know. if i were you, i'd plead the fifth. who told you that? someone who has the church's best interests at heart. is it true? no, it isn't. yes, i had a visitor last night. and, yes, she stayed the night. i didn't. i went to fitzgerald's. you spent the night in a public bar. father, my accuser can't have it both ways. an old friend turned up unexpectedly. i couldn't put her out in the rain, so i turned myself out. the only woman i spent the night with was assumpta fitzgerald. it was a joke. father, that sort of joke stopped being funny when people realised it was actually happening. yes, father. and the sight of painted women, as it was put to me cavorting round the curate's
uarterbackk..bruce cunninghamm 3 unnimikted. 3 and boston better &ppe ready toopay up. the bet between them and mayor rawling blake over sunday's game. 3 this is a retty good time to be joe's his birthday today...he'' 28...hees abbut to comeinto a very large new contract...and now... 33 but i'll bet you didn't know playyff gamee,,dating back to championship...flacco as thrown for919 yards...7 touchdowns and one interception...big numbers, to -3 be sure...the kind of nuubers that haae your ttammates -&ppalllingbehind you.... 3 across ttwn... 3 after leading the orioles tt their first posttseason appearance in 15 years...tteir about to be rewarded.. reearred.. 3 the orioles hhve wanted to foo buck uring ffnfest on patuuday...and now they can.. -3& the birds mannggr, aad hs both ggnna be artounda few pearr longerr.... both have received contract eeteesions & thaa rrn thru the 2018 season.. showalter, who won the sporting news manager of thee yearraward, waa headinginno &phis final contractural 3 the terps take on nc state... pighlights coming p a
... the latest innormation...// released... from the ....peettgonn ....pentagon. 3 your bets... // and.... fire off... a... few roundd....// that's... the ideaa.. behind... a... potential gun range casino... in... las vegas yes...///inside.... the... palazzo...//. it's... an idee... frrm... gun beeetta....//they... store... aadda shooting raage...//.it's... all beinggpresented... to county commissioners... next week. 27-32"i don't want to go to a casino where people re daughter. that's not a very ggod idda." idea."101-116"ttere's a llt of &pptuff to do here in vegas. bu difffrent ((un shoottng)." shooting)." county commissioners... will. looo... at... all... safety standardds... beretta... plans to imppement. earlier we old you about planssfor legislation in annapolis... inn.. response... to a maryland ourt ruling ...that identified pit bulls... as... inheeently dangerous dogs. our quustion of the day we''e asking if that legislation shoull avoid singling out pit bulls. bulls. miihael writes on ourr facebook page..."any dog caa dangerous."and
of women who are just waiting to lead. >> well, yeah, on that point, i would bet good money you won't have an all-white male democratic field in 2016 even if hillary didn't run. people around amy klobashar has ambitions. it seems to me there's a fundamental change here looking at the woman running for president before up until hillary in 2008, a lot of candidacies symbolic, sort of started and pulled back and now i think it's a new era and standard on the democratic side and i believe the republican side, too. you can put kelly aotte's aim out there. one woman will be in the race for each open nomination and then multiple women. >> i think that's absolutely right. look. i think after 2012 we showed and demonstrated the power of women. we are the majority of voters. you know? women are simply, you know, they're chomping at the bit. sitting at the edge of the seats. they want to elect women. i see that here in my race in new york city and women are ready. when you see the debt crisis, we need more women in office and washington to simply get things right. >> we need more women in washington
. another reason to be careful. diane? >> yes, thank you, scott. >> you bet. free stuff going on, interest fees are waved, in honor of the martin luther king,junior holiday. visitors will voluntary to pay for camping and lodging. >> surf is up, the window on the maverick competition will open up on sunday after all. weather conditions will have to line up just right to call the contest. the swell models are holding up and they need the wind to cooperate. organizers have is decided on the day, they have notified the world class surfs that will have to get to half moon bay from wherever they are in the world in time to get in the water. >> i love looking at the pictures and waves. incredible and it felt balmy today compared to the last couple of days. jeff, what is happening? >> it's officially, it was a little bit balmy out there, we had the humided levels up and temperatures warmer as well. as the radar scans around, no radar at this point at all, you may have to wait to parts of next week until we get rainfall on the radar, all about the wind today, it turned slightly off shore. while it'
. but nightlife is your best bet to come in as a regular person pharmacy the academy at night, and visit with friends. we have details for the next few weeks. you can get tickets online in advance or at the door. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching culturewire on sf gov tv. [ gavel ] >> hello and welcome to the regular budget and finance committee. my name is carmen chu, chair of the committee and joined by supervisor avalos, vice-chair and supervisor kim will not be joining us this afternoon, this morning. and our clerk today is mr. victor young. do we have a motion to excuse supervisor kim? she has a health appointment and we'll do that without objection. mr. young do you have any announcements? >> yes, please science all cell phones and electronic devices. any documents to be included as part of the testimony should be submitted to clerk. items acted upon today will be appear on the january 29th brzagenda unless otherwise stated >> thank you, could you call items 1 and 2. >> item 1,resolution approving a lease agreement between the city and coun
to stop $6 billion in losses from risky derivatives bets last year. dimon will reportedly take home $11.5 million in compensation from 2012, down sharply from the $23 million he earned in 2011. dimon says he "respected" the board's decision. goldman sachs and morgan stanley are the latest firms sending homeowners checks for wrongful foreclosure activity. in total, both firms will pay $557 million to over 200,000 borrowers. federal regulators have forced other banks, including bank of america, jp morgan and citigroup, to pay similar fines. the fed says banks rushed the foreclosure process during the financial crisis. shares of hewlett packard shot up 4% on a report a buyer is interested in its "autonomy" division. autonomy is the software company hp picked up in 2011 for $11 billion. later, hp revealed that executives with autonomy allegedly fudged accounting numbers. autonomy execs deny the allegations. hewlett-packard won't say if the buyout offers are true. the federal trade commission will uphold a decision that popular juice maker pom used deceptive ads. pom wonderful advertises its
and all the other stuff. you're done. >> i would still eat it! >> bet you would! >> looks good. >>> let's hope tony tantillo's three-cheese tort leany isn't on the list. >> here's tony table. >>> this is spinach tort leany, which i love the spinach noodles, gives a nice flavor to it, stuffing it with cheese. we add the pasta water, because the cheese will thicken it up. >> we put the tortellini in there, now add the first one, ramano. >> very strong cheese. >> i like it, though. this is the parmesan, right on top. let that melt in there. >> always want to stir them up so they don't get stuck to any of the noodles. >> then we add the parsley and we plate this. now we're going to add some mozzarella on the very top. >> here's why i want to add it on top. look how pretty it is! >> it is pretty! and that's it, three-cheese tort lean knee. simple to make, very delicious. i want to make it at home again tonight! >> so cozy. >> thank you, bella! bye-bye. we got to eat this now. >> all in 57 seconds. >> amazing, isn't it? >> takes me an hour and
what he wants. we hired a second video coach to work on systems. one to work for each player. my bet is that the players will integrate what he is teaching. >> it will be a shorten season. i appreciate your time. nice having you on. it is great to be here. season gets started in two days. come down to verizon center tonight 6:00 to 9:00. watch practice. get free food. watch your favorite players on the ice. >> now a look at what's coming up tonight at 10:00. >> we have more on the case of the d.c. police officer accused of killing his former lover. inauguration is four days away. we'll go behind the scenes. terrifying moments for a woman after she was buried in an avalanche. her quick-thinking boyfriend managed to save her life. we'll hear from them tonight. >>> the news is always on latest on the d.c. police officer convicted on all counts of murdering his exgirlfriend and leaving their baby to die inside a car is coming up tonight at 10:00. in the meantime "tmz" on tv is coming up next.   see you later tonight.   
on to the next video i want to take bets. here's pool, it's frozen over, a half inch thick and i guy's going to run over it. will he make it in. >> no. >> makes it and bites it on the other end. >> let's see what happens. >> oh! >> man, you called that one. totally called that. >> i see a lot of videos, my friends. >> i did not think he was going to make it through. i thought before he would get to the other side he would fall in. it has a substantial crack. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody.
is an island country. >> recording. recording. >> before we get on to the next video i want to take bets. here's pool, it's frozen over, a half inch thick and i guy's going to run over it. will he make it in. >> no. >> makes it and bites it on the other end. >> let's see what happens. >> oh! >> man, you called that one. totally called that. >> i see a lot of videos, my friends. >> i did not think he was going to make it through. i thought before he would get to the other side he would fall in. it has a substantial crack. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody. i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. when i stopped worrying about file sizes, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] switch your business to verizon fios for 100% fiber-optic
. so after seven years silence broken. i bet he laid down a hell of a judicial stemwinding after seven years. >> the transcript picked up only four words. [ laughter ] >> jon: well i beat he made them count. you know? what did he say. >> justice scalia made a joke about yale law school. justice thomas' alma mater and according to the court transcript he said, well, he did not -- and that's all he said. [ laughter ] >> jon: well he did not? i was going to after seven years you have to make them out. you're out of order! luke, i'm your father. that is unconstitutional. you can't handle the -- that's four (bleep). well, he did not. what does that even mean. >> what thomas appeared to be suggesting was that an ivy league degree didn't necessarily mean the lawyer was qualified and the courtroom erupted in laughter. >> jon: really? [ laughter ] good room. so that's your only equip you've been there seven years and no other equips. not a -- that's what she said? sounds like my wedding night. nothing? aristocrats, nothing? probably the last time we'll hear from him. you know he's going to pull
talking about the food and if the mayors have a bet. i put it on facebook and so far for san francisco, we have sour dough and the chocolate and grits from atlanta, and a famous hotdog and barbecue. i would never have thought of barbecue. that is pork barbecue which is vinegar baseed. move on to the weather, go to you can weigh in. looking at the embarcardero it is quiet. notice the trees are not swaying, not much of a wind and the stagnant air will yield poor air quality in more of the bay area and north bay, east bay, and even around san francisco. on top of the mountain you can see the dry air is being picked up with in clouds. well talk about what is going on for today. we will have hazy sun shine and a "spare the air" day again. as we head to tonight, it will be frosty inland again with the temperatures showing up inland again but notice around the bay we are warmer than yesterday, mid-30's to upper 30's and mid-40's around san francisco and half moon bay and you can see upper 30's around monterey bay and 42 am salinas but frost to the south. headed to sunday our highs ha
to make a bet. >> i don't know his schedule but i will make communications clear as i wear my 49er hat to any conference i have. we are on the way to the super bowl, one of the hungy years. you feel it. >> the mayor has been a long-term 49er fan so the only question remaining, what is the delicacy in atlanta that we should bet on or against? >> come on, come on. >> peaches. >> peaches. >> grits. >> grits? >> another cold morning, and grits sounds good. >> anything to keep you warm and stick to your body. now, let's go outside, 5:17. someone is frozen in the control room. you can see the windfalling a little bit as we look down san francisco in the background and sausalito from mount tamien. live doppler 7 hd shows any radar runs and it is bone dry out there again but just enough moisture that the frost is forming inland. we are close at fremont and san jose with the 34's but we have los gatos at 32 and antioch is warmer spot at 38 and 44 in san francisco. monterey bay, we are in the upper 30's and 42 to salinas. through the forecast cycle, hazy sunshine, another "spare the air" day wit
: the president is betting shifted just enough - to back him on the broadest push for gun control in a generation. in politics. staging is key. four children. each of them had written letters to him about last month's school massacre in connecticut. the president announced plans to introduce legislation next week that includes a ban on new assault weapons, limits on high capacity ammo clips.and expanded background checks. and more money for mental health care. without waiting for congress.the president acted on his own authority in signing 23 executive actions designed at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. he 'will' need congressional approval for some key items.including the ban on assault rifles. >> "this will not happen unless the american people demand it, parents and teachers, police officers and pastors. if hunters and sportsmen if responsible gun owners - if americans of every background stand up and say enough." >> catherine: outside the white house -- supporters included people who have lost family members in shootings. >> "this is the start of a long battle.and we are prepared
i bet jan has nsome cutting edg methods. still got to deal with all those young people though. hmm. maybe if we legalized pot they'd all be too stoned to go to the polls. no it's an actual substantive policy change. let's not go crazy. paul ryan and the young guns could lead a panel called 40 is the new 18 about how we could lift the voting age from 18 to 40. problem solved. i got lots of great ideas. if you invited me to come, i would be delighted to share them with you. i would love to be there. sa while i'm joking, they are totally serious. rather than change their message and adjust to the changing demographics, the republican party has apparently decided their best bet is to rig the electoral game. to paraphrase "the gamble qugame all losers they yell deal the cards again. let's not let them. that does it for us. martin bashir, it is all yours. >> i agree entirely. it's thursday, january 17th, and the president's first task is to keep america's children safe, so who could possibly disagree with that. >> there will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists publi
of studying. coming up... 3bets are being placed... for the patriots.what mayor nst stephanii rawlinns--lake is asking from boston's mayor... this was a very elaborate, vvry sophisticated hoax and controveesy... surrounding ne of college football'ssbest players.the disturbing discovery just madd... about mmnti teo's dead girlfriend. youurr watching fox 45 morning morning. ll local.. all youurr watching fox 45 morning morning. ll local.. all (((reak 3)) to refresh your day at dunkin' donuts! get a refreshing deal with any size freshly brewed iced tea or iced coffee for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. i made the clear choice. i'm getting claritin clear with claritin-d. nasal congestion keep me away ? not since i made the clear choice. non-drowsy claritin-d. decongestant products on the shelf can take hours to start working. claritin-d starts to work in just 30 minutes. i can't wait hours for a nasal decongestant. that's why i made the clear choice and got claritin-d. it has the best decongestant for colds. this cold season, get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin cl
. >> 4wé: automakers are placing big bets on the luxury vehicle market this year. as ruben ramirez reports tonight, they're hoping that as u.s. economic recovery continues, more drivers will upgrade what they drive. >> reporter: automakers are optimistic the u.s. economy may be turning a corner and that in turn will spur consumers to spend a little extra on their next car. >> luxury seems to be on the upswing because people i think economically are on the upswing. when there's a little more confidence and a little more satisfaction in where the future is going to go, people treat themselves and they buy luxury cars. >> reporter: over the last three years, u.s. luxury car sales have grown 25%, sales of german brands have surged 50%. b.m.w. has been the leader in the luxury segment over the past two years. this week, the german car maker unveiled seven new models, looking to fill in gaps in its product portfolio. >> the ongoing challenge is how do we bring value to the u.s. segment. the luxury market has become incredibly competitive when the market contracted. >> reporter: the compe
probably just want to be a spectator at this point. that would be the safest bet. let's get out to the live hd camera network. we have a lot of haze here tonight. if you look directly up, you'll see the stars. it's just off towards the distance as area high pressure sits over us. it's helping to create poor air quality across most of the bay area. temperatures are also very cold at this hour. 34 in concord. 34 in santa rosa. for the first time in several nights, no 20s on the board. that's the large news. high pressure building offshore. that's going to continue to warm us up as we head throughout the next two days. it's not going to get hot. a little on the warm side, but for most of us it's going to be mild, yes, with a lot of sunshine. a lot of us are going to be thawing out throughout the next couple of days. let's look at who could hit 70 degrees throughout saturday. saratoga from 66 today to 70 on saturday. santa cruz from 61 to 70. even san jose could pop up to an estimated 68 by the first part of your weekend. tomorrow morning it will be chilly, upper 20s and low 30s with areas of p
it quiet. >> we're going out with the philly fight song hit 'em high, jim. >> you bet. watch our eagles fly. >> we'll see you tonight. >>> in fact, the phil,fed is after a short break and american aairlines new logo unveil when we come back. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> it didn't come out, but to the down side, not the up side. minus a.8. the last read was benchmark revised. we had a bunch of benchmark revisions, so we want to pay close attention to the fact that the november number is our comp, but this really is a bit of a reversal. 9 market just gave back a bit. the stocks, the dow is up 63. now up a whisker, so this number is always appreciated by the marketplace, and one of the few january reads, so always a bit in front. carl, back to you. >>> after housing starts and
city sgroup i think through the year as michael core bet gets his hands on all the issues but cost-cutting is going to be a feature of banking from here on out. you mentioned michael core bit, he is the new c.e.o. at city, this is his first earnings report. i know there was a lot of interest in what he said on the analyst call. did he talk at all about his grand plan for city? >> not really. i mean he was pressed by several of the questioners to speak to the sort of broader strategic issues. you have to remember he's only been there since october. it's clear that his study of the company all the aspects of the company is ongoing. he said that he would speak to the broader issues and the big plan later on. but i do think we saw a very, very different tone from him. he is very tough. he is very hands on. and it was a very different picture of city group than we've seen before. >> do you think he's the right man for the job? >> absolutely. he's got lots of banking experience, don't forget he's also got a chairman michael o'neill who's backing him up who is a cost-cutter and a very han
coming. we think the good bet is the heavier snow will be south of d.c. right now it is looking like in the city the dry air continues to win. the dry air will probably continue to win for the next several hours. in terms of what is going on with satellite and radar on the bigger picture you can see the storm system is well south of us. advisories all canceled for d.c. in the purple here is the snow advisory. which means a little bit of snow. maybe an inch of two of snow down there. then the pink represents the wind storm warning where the significant amount of snow will be. i want to zoom in and show you nothing for d.c. in terms of advisories, watches or warnings. south of us in charles county and stafford we are one to two inches. little if any snow or d.c. we thought yesterday a little bit. never much. but now again the dry air seems to be winning out on top of d.c. future cast is seeing it. look where the precipitation shuts off from the city to the north. this may be 40-miles too far north. in terms of forecast for a model is excellent. you can see where the snow is coming sout
-powered corvette. it has outrageous action but it is worth a sexull of stars. best bets, "lincoln," "a go" and the "silver linings playbook"." i'm feeling the love for "a go" this weekend. if you have not seen it watch it. >> a lot of people will see it after what happened at the golden globes. >> i think more and more and you're going to hear about it between now and oscars. i revised my predigses. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a big shift in the trial of an executive. >> what he told a judge today that changes everything. >> the sheriff's deputies are investigating a mysterious death. a 26-year-old man with down syndrome is handcuff >> a man's trip to a movie theater ended with him dying in police custody. >> it started with a dispute over a ticket. the man's family still has a lot of unanswered questions. >> when he was born the characteristics of down syndrome were obvious. >> he just loved unconditionally, everybody. >> now she's fighting to understand why a brush with the law ended this her son's death. >> that did not need to happen. >> he
is no longer necessary. i bet if i went out on the street right now and interviewed five people they would tell me that live strong is about finding a cure for cancer. what is the disconnect? >> well, most people make that assumption is a cancer charity involved in research, but there are many ways that one can help with this important cause an issue. certainly there needs to be more awareness, there needs to be people suffering, patients that are trying to survive and struggling to deal with this need some sort of assistance, so there is some value to that. gerri: come on. raising awareness? don't we know that cancer is a problem? raising awareness, to me, his cancer is my charity of choice. that is not the mission statement i want to hear. >> i would tend to agree. these top -- calls from other arab talking about cancer and that doing something about it, but they hold conferences. they encourage collaboration. gerri: conferences? conferences? does that benefit plans armstrong in any way? >> well, it could benefit him indirectly certainly, but there is some value to people studying these issue
the parties. if i were a betting person, i would generally bet against gun control legislation in congress. >> bill: maybe that's one of the reasons why i think it is, the reason why the president stressed yesterday, made that point. he could not expect congress to act unless the american people really make such -- such an uproar that congress has to respond. that's happened before and the president calling on the american people yesterday to basically give congress a swift kick in the butt. >> yeah, again i don't dismiss the possibility that something could happen. i think that there are certain issues that have more resonance with the american public than others. >> bill: background check. >> the background checks. even if it's not exactly what the president is proposing here in terms of universal background check, perhaps there's some -- middle ground there that makes it -- i'm quoting his statistic i don't know this independently but he said 40% of guns are bought sort of through that gun show loophole. maybe there's a way to narrow that percentage. >> bill: the most important measures
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bet behind companies and say their earnings are going to glow when -- grow when people are out of work and not out there buying stuff. >> a little more than 15 minutes from the slide show. >> we're going to be exploring this, explore something exciting sports stories as well. i'm sure you're covering the tiger woods trying to get back together with his ex-wife. they have a very potentially fancy pre-nup where she is getting hundreds of millions of dollars if he cheats again. we're going to explore this. it's about money. you get the connection. you didn't lead with that story? tiger woods and his ex-wife -- >> i want be able to do -- >> it's going to be good. >> melissa frances, have to catch her show. the gets everyone talking and offends many people. very rude interviewer, but it's effective. >> my calling. >> they do come once, they just don't come back. melissa frances, catch her on fox business. >>> any of you remember this? >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [applause] [bleep] >> 45 democrats today, joe actually got it wrong. it
to be a hard time. >> are you going to stick around? >> you bet i am. >> we'll have you back at the power rundown. >>> let's go to simon. >> we need to take a break and pay some bills. we'll talk to the ceo of one hot internet company that doesn't want to go public. stay with us. we'll tell you why on cnbc. make it worth watching. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>>. >>> welcome back to "power lunch." gold is closing at 1666 after the data we got on jobless claim. the big fall, five-year low. that put pressure on gold prices. we rewound. we're looking at gold prices above 1690. we're keeping our eye on gold and silver etfs after reports that ishare's slv has had its biggest inbe crease in holdings in five years. that, of course, a lot of trader
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want to hear from manti te'o himself beyond the statement. i think his best bet in a situation like this would be to be totally transparent. there are some very expensive, thorough, and damning reporting done here that clearly shows the need for him to explain some of the inconsistencies in the meeting, in the version of when they met at stanford and how that -- if there was a misunderstanding with his father explaining that to a south bend tribune reporter, then they need to come clean and explain that. because right now a lot of the -- a lot of the things that notre dame clearly defending manti te'o, and you want to learn why they're so convinced that he is just an innocent victim here. >> so is that word the original story of their face-to-face meeting? there is an article from 2009 about this face-to-face meeting kind of a tender moment, an awkward moment. it came from his father, as far as you understand? >> well, the way i understand it was that there was a version about the initial meeting told to the tribune and reported that way. and i think that there might have been some
formation. sorry, it won't sell as many parents, it just won't. smart investors are making a bet they can't wait for the third of the three washington incursions to be finished. once a big bad event is passed, the risk of responding floods in. now we're about to finish the third leg of this political steeplechase, and we will be given a level of certainty we haven't had in ages. you want to wait for those people to come in? it could be investing nirvana, a guy in brooklyn, cramer, smart guy. you scared us with the election, you scared us with the fiscal cliff and now scaring us with the debt ceiling. what are you going to scare us with about washington after that's over and you faked everyone out and got them to sell? i rolled my eyes, i defended myself, saying that all three of threes issues were and are worthy of worry and i told people to stay the course, like he could care. he said, again, what washington horror story are you going to gin up, cramer? and i said impact on spending of higher taxes, coming affordable care act, instead i said wisely no, that's it. maybe it would be good i
environment. you're putting your bet on growing net interest income. >> correct. >> let me ask you about that. even in this low environment how do you do it? what's the plan? >> you do more deposits, more loans. in fact, last year our net interest income, the difference between what we get on the loans versus what we pay on deposits, an endless margin, dropped 18 basis point but we actually grew net interest income so you do more, and we've dealt with this low rate environment before. do i think rates are too low? yes. a lot of monetary stimulus, but we're able to operate in that environment, and it's been a real bargain for borrowers. on the other hand, savers have paid a real price. >> how do you offset that knowing that it's become tougher to make money in banking? >> well, this year we grew revenues by 6% quarter over quarter from a year ago and 6% you took the whole year. almost all of it on the non-interest income side. half of our revenues come from fee for services, mortgage brokerages, other things so we don't only live on the margin, if you will, so think of a company that can produ
career. he bet on a game and banned for life. what does he think about lance armstrong's confession. he has a brand-new reality show. >> along with his fiance. kianna. >> let's go inside with natalie with a check on all the headlines. >> good morning again, matt, savannah, al. new developments in algeria. ties to al kade at that took dozens of hostages including americans. 20 hostages including americans escaped but militants are claiming algerian helicopters opened fire killing dozens of hostages and kidnappers. some hostages are still held at the remote gas facility in algeria. >>> boeing's new 787 dreamliner plane is now grounded in the u.s., europe, japan and india. there's concern that a lithium ion battery can overheat and cause a fire. it caused al nippon to make an emergency landing. it's under investigation by the federal aviation administration. >>> president obama is facing gop opposition after unveiling his $500 million gun control package. acting in response to the shooting rampage in newtown, connecticut, the president called on congress to ban the sale of military style w
that coming up. >>> and charlie hustle, pete rose, the legend. his storied baseball career but he bet on the game, now banned for life. so, what does he think about lance armstrong's confession about cheating on the sport he dominated? we are going to talk to pete about that and he has a brand-new reality show. >> his fiancee, kiana. >>> before we goo any further, let's go inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. the >> good morning, everyone. >>> algerian officials say half of the 41 foreign hostages being held by islamic mill at that moments in algeria have escaped. some of those who got away are said to be americans. several americans were kidnapped at a natural gas complex where they worked in the sahara desert. the al qaeda-linked militants say they were acting in retaliation for the french operation in mali. >>> boeing's new 787 dreamliner plane is now grounded in the u.s., europe, japan and india. there's concern that a lithium ion battery can overheat and cause a fire. the problematic battery forced a nippon airways plane to make an emerge
and a lot of folks are getting on board with you. thank you, sir. >> you bet, glad to be here, thank you. bill: 12 minutes before the hour. jenna lee is standing by hospitals rolling our way. how are you doing, jenna good morning. jenna: what a week in the world of sports. this bombshell from the world of college football, the sad, strange tale of manti te'o. al-qaida takes hostages including americans. now we get word that some of the hostages have escaped, others have been killed. it's a very fluid situation. we have live exclusive reporting ahead. plus our hardest hitting story of the day, bill is the foot long sandwich a myth? "happening now" takes on the hero mystery consuming new york. bill: because we want to know, all right? jenna: i know it keeps you up at night. bill: i'm telling you. jenna: we got it for you. bill: thank you, jenna. let out your ruler. in a moment here the woman in the wall today is free. martha: the woman in the wall. bill: remember this yesterday? martha: oh, yes, i remember. bill: one of her rescuers is going to join us on some of the creative things they h
to hug it out. oh, i've been waiting for this. okay, chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> megyn: the new question today about why we are not seeing more investigation, any investigation into why government agents waited weeks to arrest an illegal immigrant who also is a sex offender and was working for this powerful democratic senator. the ap reported that they delayed the arrest until after that democrat was reelected, and who is investigating this, other than the associated press? that's right after this break. and the accused gunman in the devastating shootings in connecticut and colorado suspected of having serious mental health issues. now, president obama has issued some executive orders seeking the mental health, he wants a national dialog, but dr. keith ablow says the president has missed a huge opportunity and he is here to explain that. and dreaming of the day you can retire? well, one powerful group now wants you to put those dreams on hold until age 70. ♪ nine to five, yeah, service and devotion ♪ ♪ you would think that i would deserve a fair promotion ♪ ♪ want to m
with beefing up mental health? >> you bet. i'm behind it 100%. >> i hear all this agreement with the president, but if you say you won't enforce the rules, give me a rule you will enforce. >> if there is an executive order that offends the second amendment and the other constitution of the united states and those are orders that i would really take a hard stance and i take issue with. >> i'm looking at number seven. launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign. does that violate the second amendment? >> well, what's the definition of that? i don't see an explanation of what does that mean? if it's defined more and we can take a look at it, i'm not the only sheriff around or law enforcement official that is looking at this. you take a look at it and you see if there is points in it that we don't agree with. we need to have a discussion about it. that's how this thing came about. i was getting lots of questions from my citizens in my county and my deputies were too. my position on this. i decided i needed to let my citizens know where i stood as the sheriff. instead of having th
. stock doubled $18 in the past year. the betting is that the last stand could rake in maybe $15 million at the box office this weekend, maybe enough to win it. lions gate is especially good at turning small films into big surprises. its board last off -- last august with expandable to. the last stand, well, the important thing is this won't be his last stand. he is set for three more films in the coming year including the two in which lions gate pairs them with another action hero, sylvester stallone. comcast universal is looking at a sequel, to twins. the arnold and danny devito, the that grossed over $200,000,000.25 years ago. working title, triplets. maybe even a sequel to the film that started it all, conan the barbarian back in 1982. thirty-one years ago. mick jagger, your heart out. back to you. tracy: good stuff. ashley: pretty good, for 65. not dennis. countdown to the closing bell.
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